Songs of the Forest

I am currently working on a project called Songs of the Forest which will eventually be a collection of music inspired by trees and other flora and fauna to be found in a woodland.

Nature is at the heart of my inspiration as a musician, and this project seeks to evoke the beauty and power of nature as well as the interconnection between woodland species.

The project will be released as a CD and download when the album is complete, however the project is also intended as a live participatory experience.

You can listen to some complete tracks from the recording here (redirects to my Bandcamp page)


A Mass for our Time

I am working on a project which brings phrases from various spiritual traditions together in a rich wash of sound to evoke the interconnectedness of all life while celebrating its diversity. The intention is to promote cross-cultural understanding and to sow seeds for peace for our time.

Other works

I am working on a piece called Songs of Exile. For unaccompanied choir, the piece aims to highlight and explore some of the issues in our time around migration and refuge.

My other compositions include works for solo piano and for choir. Please contact me for more details or to enquire about commissions or performing one of my pieces.



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